Today in History

Today in History

From James ‘Killa’ Killingsworth (one of our overseas roving reporters)
Fifty-one years ago, on this day (6 November 1972), the BMC Leyland Australia
factory, located at Victoria Park in Sydney, produced its last Australian made MGB in
Australia. The company had been assembling Mini Morris 1100’s and Austin 1800’s
from imported English parts. The factory later became the Zetland Naval Stores
The Victoria Park (Zetland Waterloo) factory occupied 74 acres with the ability to
manufacture complete vehicles. It comprised four main factories: CKD (later CAB-2),
the Unit Plant, CAB, and the Press Shop. Vehicles were also assembled in CAB-3 when
the Parts and Accessories Division relocated to Liverpool. Nuffield tractors were also
assembled in the Company Garage on the site.
Between 1950 and 1975, 50,000 people collectively spent 130,000 years building
motor cars at Victoria Park. Most employees, typically 5,000 at any time were
migrants and the organisation was faced with the 35 languages that they spoke.
From James Killa (one of our overseas roving reporters)

Photo courtesy of MG History


2023 MGCCGeelong                  TOUR NEWSLETTER #9.               Nov 1

The starting blocks are set for the fourteen cars on this year’s tour. Just ten cars will leave from the BP Officer Truck Stop and they will meet the Ulphs in Rosedale, Collins & McAllisters in Bairnsdale and Boyds in Canberra.

We are aware that many are planning to catchup with friends and family in Canberra who may join our group for some activities. We are also aware how difficult it is to fit your sight seeing options into the available time! This explains the limited responses to the possible meal options for the Thursday and Friday nights. If bookings are required they can be made on our arrival. We have included some more meal options that you might like to explore, see attachment. We have not been to any of these.

Cribbs have booked a tour for themselves of the new Parliament House for Tuesday afternoon by going online. They are also hoping to visit Mount Stromlo, The Glass Museum and the National Archives as well as catching up with friends. Cribbs have previously been to Botanical Gardens, Museum, War Museum, High Court, Mount Ainslie Lookout, Museum of Australian Democracy, National Carillion, National Library, National Art Gallery, National Portrait Gallery, Old Bus Depot Markets, Mint.

Give us a call if we can help, or contact the Canberra Tourist Office 1300554114.

Known last minute changes:

Sadly, in this time of labour shortages and an economic squeeze, these are inevitable. The Restaurant at our Cooma Motel has closed as they cannot find a chef! We are now booked for dinner at the Cooma Hotel which is about a ten minute walk or short drive from the motel.

We know the restaurant at the Space Centre is closed as is the one at Mount Stromlo, but neither will significantly impact on our tour.

Happy Hour Nibbles:

Currently, this is a bring your own drinks and nibbles.

Home via Tumut?

A great, but longer drive from Canberra to Albury is via Gundagai, Tumut, Tumbarumba, Jingellic and onto Albury. We will head down the highway as planned but invite you to consider this alternative. We travelled that way last time. The roads were good but it takes longer and you would need to leave Canberra earlier. I suggest it needs a couple of cars together to travel for safety – give PC a ring if interested and he will link you with any interested others.

Wednesday BBQ with the MGCC Canberra

Our hosts have organised the Canberra Vietnam Vets to conduct an outdoor BBQ on Wednesday at 6:30 following our Last Post Ceremony at the War Memorial (so very appropriate!) The cost is $12pp that can be paid in cash or by credit card. Soft drinks available at extra cost. Beer or wine is a BYO affair.

The venue is the Black Mountain Peninsula Reserve. It is on Garryowen Drive, off Lady Denman Drive which is reached by turning left off Parkes Way. There are some seats and some shelter at the venue.

Last Night on Tour Festivities.

Our final night, in Albury, will be the venue for the tour extravaganza organised by Gordon Reynolds.

Collection of Tour Book

The book has been prepared by Lance with great skill (and patience!). Don has duplicated and bound the copies. They are available from Don at the club meeting on 7th Nov, if you are unable to collect a copy in person you can collect from the Cribbs on the trip. Peter and Bev will attend the club meeting by zoom only.

Tour Write-ups and photographs

We need daily write-ups for G-Torque, preferably with photos. We are only 14 cars and there are 8 days!! Happy for it to be a collaboration! We all need to be involved.

Three More Dining Suggestions


History of settlement before Canberra

2023 Mt Tarrangower Hillclimb

The Tao of Chuck.


2023 Mt Tarrangower Hillclimb report.

This year’s Inns Motors Mt Tarrangower Hill climb, which for many is one of the premier events of the year was run on the weekend of 14-15 October. After the cancellation of the 2020 and 2021 events due to Covid and bad weather, this year’s entry list was fully subscribed. And once again, members of the Competition Team journeyed to Maldon to take on the hill.

Saturday dawned cool and dry, and as expected, the usual chaos ensued with a somewhat late start probably due to the fact it takes a while to scrutinise 93 cars. Competitors lined up for their practice runs in a somewhat “loose” order, a point of which was made on Sundays drivers briefing. Team times were indicative of the times that could be expected on Sunday. Peter Thompson posting a 53.1 and a 52.8 that promised great things and Horrie Duniam putting the fear of God into himself with runs of 51.8 and 51.3 were particularly noteworthy.

Somewhat unfortunately, Brendan Hall discovered he had a hole in his radiator and spent the afternoon affecting repairs. More on that later.

Saturday night, members of your competition team retired to the famous Kangaroo Hotel in Maldon for dinner. Many of those present, and including your humble correspondent, watched in awe as The Magnificent Horrie, a.k.a. the “Caliph of Conversation” charmed all and sundry with his eloquence and wit. His bravura performance on Saturday night was an stupendous example of just how to endear oneself to the owners and bar staff – especially the bar staff – of our favourite hotel, ensuring our welcome return next year. Bravo!

An early start on Sunday for another brief round of scrutineering and the competition started. The track was drying, and early times up the hill represented that.

Jedi Master Deahl seemed off his usual pace with a best time of 56.8, but the Deahl Mobile was suffering valve bounce, so faster times faded into impossibility. Although competing in different classes, all eyes were on the Olympian struggle between Peter Thompson and Graham Ruby for best time up the hill, with “Hermes” Thompson at 50.0 pipping “Zeus” Ruby at 51.3, with contestants taking second and third in their respective classes.

Team Hall have now been nominated as the new recipients of the “Horries Horror” Trophy (previously so ably held by Team Wurdibuloc) for trackside repairs. Dan Hall in the Midget posted a disappointing early time of 71.9 on his first run, with his engine bogging down in fourth gear. Stripping down his fuel pump, an inordinate amount of what can only be described as “crap” (which is, after all a technical term) clogging the integrated fuel filter in his fuel pump was discovered. Needless to say, a faster time of 57.4 resulted.  A punctured radiator was no impediment for Brendan and his Fraser Clubman, posting an excellent 51.7 and taking third in class behind “Hermes” Thompson. Is there no repair than cannot be accomplished with JB Weld and Duct Tape? (Handy hint to younger players – bonus points can be accrued if you can get irrigation components into your trackside repairs!)

Recovering well from the broken Panhard rod after the Winton Track day, Craig Ballinger in the Midget improved his times all afternoon with a best time of 55.8. Brendan Sullivan again demonstrated consistency and reliability and secured second place in Group 20 with a best time of 55.0. Chris Freeman in the GT posted 55.7, demonstrating a reliable performance we would all do well to emulate. Interestingly, positions 2, 3 and 7 – 10 in class 21 were all taken by our competition team members (Peter Thompson, Brendan Hall, Chris Freeman, Craig Ballinger, Graham Deahl and Dan Hall respectively) which, you must admit, is an excellent team showing.

Horrie Duniam has finally tracked down the nagging issue that had been hobbling his MGA (a faulty charging system that appeared to be triggering the rev limiter at about 3800 rpm) and the Jaguar engine was now on full song – posting his best time yet on his first run, a 49.6 and taking his first class win. He then stated, somewhat wide eyed, that “my car has a couple of extra seconds in it. My heart doesn’t.” and subsequent times were increasingly slower. Apparently, imagination can be counterproductive to continuing fast times?

And finally, your humble correspondent walked away not having broken anything and a best time of 75.8 – the gap between second and third gear proving a bit of an impediment on a hill climb.

Two full runs for all classes were accomplished but as later in the day, a slight shower made the top of the track a little greasy and the organisers elected to pull the pin on the third run for safety reasons.

Tired but happy, and with an impressive representation in the winner’s circle for all classes the team was competing in, the 2023 Innes Motors Historic Hillclimb came to a close. A very successful weekend for all concerned.

On a more personal note – the drive home on Monday was, shall we say, interesting and as an MG newbie I offer it for your amusement. Team Wurdibuloc stopped at Newstead for coffee on the way home; I was following Horrie because my phone was flat and therefore, no Google maps. “Here” says I to the Baron of Blather (another Saturday night sobriquet), “Can you take my phone and charge it?” So, sans phone, and trying to balance a coffee and a toastie in the MG (which has no cup holder) I look up to see that Der Meister der Maschinen – with my phone on board – has disappeared and is nowhere to be seen. So – no Horrie to follow, and no phone. And only a very sketchy idea of which way to go home. Hmmm. What could possibly go wrong?

About 20k short of Creswick, Huey the Weather God did his usual bit of bastardry and the heavens opened up. I’ve just replaced all the wiper components, but the poor little things couldn’t keep up with the deluge and I had to slow right down just to see where the road was. Oh, and gentle reader – Jedi Master Deahl’s statement “if you go faster than 30 in the rain then no rain will enter the cockpit”?  Pure, unmitigated bollocks. So picture this. Wet, cold, no phone and no clue? There may have been a little swearing. To make matters worse, coming into Creswick, she started to misbehave – the engine started stuttering, losing power, backfiring and popping. Maybe the downpour was so heavy, I’d accumulated some water in the fuel tank? Or Mr Lucas again demonstrating some of his finest weatherproof features?

Again. Cold, wet, no phone and no clue. Well, thinks me, if she dies, I’ll just get RACV Roadside Assistance, they’re only a phone…

Oh, bugger.

However, like the great hearted little thing that she is, she manfully picked up and I rolled into Creswick for more fresh fuel. And some directions from the very bemused service station attendant. No we don’t sell maps any more. Why don’t you just use Google maps on your phone? Oh, your phone is in your brothers’ car? That’s unfortunate. Well, just keep going that way until you get to Ballarat and then you should be fine. All very polite and helpful, but I could see that what she was really thinking was this- you are a bloody fool, aren’t you?

Onwards to Glory! With a now full tank of fresh 98, and Huey relenting, there were a couple of residual pops and crackles, and then she settled down and purred all the way home. Fear, doubt, hypothermia and a cold wet Beanie have no power to diminish the smile an MG puts on one’s face.

I’ve just put hood modifications to fit the new roll bar on my list of jobs. And a trailer. And weather proofed electrics. (Begone, Oh Price of Darkness!) And a working USB Charge port. And a new tonneau.

And power. I need more power.

So, my friends, that’s it from me until next season. Into the workshop she goes to get her prepared for summer and transfer onto club registration.

Your humble correspondent,


Canberra 100 years of MG celebration

After missing out on the last T TYme meeting in Canberra (covid), we decided to join in this year as the T-Types were combined with the Australian MG Pre-War Register, in Canberra. We traveled with three T-Types and one Y-Type, meeting in Yea, and then traveled over the Alps via Milawa, Mt Beauty, Corryong (overnight), Cabbramurra and Cooma. The Alpha Motel in Canberra quickly filled with many MG owners and their cars from the Thursday. The Friday evening registration and natter & noggin allowed us to catch up with Victorian and interstate visitors.

On Saturday, the weekend’s highlight was the display, which was held on the grounds surrounding the Museum  of Australia, with most of the 97 cars entered, on show. From a T-Type owners point of view, there were 23 TCs, 15 TDs, 9 TFs and 9 Ys. And 41 Pre War MGs, represented from a 1928 MG 14/28 through to 1939 TBs, along with two K3s, a Q-type, two J3s, four SAs and two WAs. Bob Bazzica from S.A. bought his KN tourer, styled on Cecil Kimber’s personal car.

For Sunday, two tour routes, one long, one short, left from Old Parliament House, and all met at Queanbeyan for a catered picnic lunch.  The Sunday evening event dinner was an award night, with a new award commemorating Peter Kerr, who over many years edited the Australian T-Series Assn. periodical.  It’s first recipient was Mike Sherrill (author of ’TCs Forever!’).

Monday we had a wind down day before heading home on Tuesday. Driving through wind, heat, bushfires, via the coast, then to Bega (overnight), Delegate River (overnight), with much rain, then Orbost, Sale (overnight), and Sorrento to ferry home.  Ian and Tina Jenkins

Bryant Park Hill Climb

Hello everyone,
Well we all survived the Hill, and to a certain amount the bullshit. The award goes to Chris Freeman who always was finding ways to pick up a half second and repeatedly reminding Brendan. He backed it up to lead Brendan until the third run, Meantime Craig was also nibbling away at both of them to finish close to them both.. The Saturday evening meal at the local Churchill Hotel was good after our walk or excursion shortcut including a river crossing. Chris had managed to fill us full of useless information regards Sundays event and much information was discussed regards next years events. I’m not sure i left any better informed.
Well the entry list is in for Tarrengower and a full field including many from Geelong.
In the meantime Bathurst is on the 7th October. I always spend the day in my shed and everyone is invited for breakfast and to watch as long as you want.
Shed will be open from 8.00am and breakfast from 9.00. If you are able to come please let me know so i get enough bacon and eggs and coffee.

Log Books error update

Victorian Club Permit Logbooks

It has been identified that due to a processing error, around 2,000 club permit renewals were recently sent without logbooks. VicRoads is in the process of sending all affected permit holders a logbook and an explanatory letter.  It would be appreciated if you could advise your constituent clubs.  John Lewis Principal Practice Advisor – Service Delivery and SupportVicRoads Registration and Licensing Services

Winton Sprints, JCCV 2023

Hello All, Trust you all survived the last run and more importantly the Duniam Hospitality. Well looks like everyone had a good day. Craig Ballinger once again managed to improve his times despite some fuel filter issues. Mitch McAllister despite lacking grip and power managed to put a good time together by the end of the day. Brendan managed to go slower on each run. Graham Deahl was dirty on his time on the third run which i thought was a good time but i noted he achieved his desired 1.48 on the 4th run. Chris Baraciolli achieved a great 1.48 on his first run to knock me off. Doug Edwards had brakes working on the Hillman which i observed from close range on the 3rd run where we had a great battle for the whole run.   Peter Thomson had the B fired up well but just needs to go an extra bit under brakes everywhere to peg us back.

Steve Duniam was standing back observing his engine bay at lunch time and noting that no fluids were flowing anywhere. Of course one does not bend down and look underneath a Jag motor or else he would of observed a substantial amount of oil on the concrete. However coming from a 4 gallon sump a couple of pints is nothing, what? I did take the time to watch Steve on his 3rd run and noted that he appeared to apply a little lateral pressure to his tyres, maybe even .1 or .2 G. Do you think this is wise as those Jag tyres may not be designed for lateral movement when they were manufactured in 1960. Even more disturbing was the effect of lateral G on the motor, was this even a design parameter on a Jag. I say these things in hindsight as we observed the performance of the brakes and clutch at Broadford which looked very tidy but apparently were not designed to take high pressure or maybe even brake fluid. Geoff Duniam on his first run with his new MGB of course ran faultlessly all day. Nick Wood ran fast as usual but developed an oil leak from the rocker cover which wasn’t able to be rectified.Coming events are the Motorkhana at Breakwater on 10th September. Sup Regs are done and patterns will appear soon. Coming soon is Bryant Park Hillclimb on 24th Sep, entry through MA on the MGCC Vic Calendar.regards, Graeme

Broadford Sprints

G Torque Competition Report September 2023 – Graeme Ruby
Photo’s by Rob Clark

Since my last report we have had the Aroca (Alfa Romeo Owners Club) Sprints at the State Motorcycle centre at Broadford. We had 9 competitors including our guest Doug Edwards in his very swift Hillman Hunter with XU1 holden spec motor. Being on site at 7.00am it was cold with Nick Wood thawing out after the drive from Geelong with roof down. Very well organized the Alfa boys had a familiarity session for first timers followed by a 12 minute warm up session for all competitors. Noting the amount of tyre smoke and sideways action I believe our MG/MX5 group were trying a bit harder than the 80% specified. Interestingly I found the MX5’s were not any faster except for one highly modified car.

Our first of three timed runs was very competitive with our group lining up in order of our qualifying times behind the Mazdas. Graham Deahl wanted to get me so was on my tail from the start forcing a couple errors from me but then he had a slide allowing me to get away. Nick Wood then had a good challenge with Graham, Peter Thomson and Brendan Sullivan right behind. Craig Ballinger on his first Sprint event started slowly but got quicker every lap.

Steve Duniam we later learned failed to start which was found to be a loose wire on the ignition. Doug Edwards was flying getting a very good 1.12 which considering the difficulties he was having with brakes was a great time. After this run he had abetter look and found his rear brake lining on RHR had disintegrated. Doug changed the lining between runs but continued to have rear brake issues. Chris Freeman was running trouble free but cautiously.

On the second run Steve Duniam had the MGA with 4.2 litre Jag power motoring very well down the straights but being very conservative around the corners as he sorted the car out. After the run he reported he had no clutch. Graham Deahl had a look and discovered he had no way to adjust free-play as a fixed system had been fitted. The car was half loaded on trailer and Graham and Steve fitted a new adjustable bolt. Steve was very enthused about this and offered to give Graham a big ….

Craig Ballinger ran about 5 seconds quicker and was now right behind Steve and Chris.

Myself and Nick Wood departed after the 2nd run, Nick to beat the coming rain and myself because I was getting untidy and didn’t think I could go faster. Looking at times Craig was the only one to go faster.

Times: Graeme Ruby 1.12.44, Doug Edwards 1.12.88, Graham Deahl 1.14.01 Nick Wood 1.14.81, Peter Thomson 1.15.41, Brendan Sullivan 1.16.84 Craig Ballinger 1.21.90 Chris Freeman 1.21.88 Steve Duniam 1.24.09

An interesting fact looking at the times was the differential between our slow little cars compared to the big boys which on the day were some late model Mercedes AMG and BMW race cars which did a best of 1.04 and 1.06 respectively, The fastest MX5, supercharged and modified did a 1.07 with a couple around 1.11 and the others slower than us, not that slow at all.


Coming events are the Winton Sprints on 26th August run by the Jag Club. On 10th September we have a Motorkhana at the Clubrooms. This is a Come and Try event so anyone is invited to come along and have a try or just a ride with one of the guys. This is also an invite for anyone interested, member or not to come and join us. If you have a friend, son, grandson or daughter and they are interested bring them along and they will be invited to have a try. Start time is a very civilized 9.00am. On the 24th September we have the Bryant Park Hillclimb.