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A comprehensive list of Nissan/Datsun gearboxes. The ones of particular interest are the 71 series gearboxes. The Bluebird 5 speed has long been popular, and in general is a nice option. However it can be improved upon by using the later 71c series internals to get better ratios, and a modern shift mechanism.


When changing your gearbox oil drain the overdrive unit and clean the magnetic filter element under the rectangular sump cover. Check the fine wire mesh filter for drainage and fit a new gasket cover before replacing. Unscrew the square cover and withdraw the solenoid and check the ‘O’ rings are in good condition. Check the wiring for corrosion especially the connections.



Probable cause is a defective sender unit. Check as follows: Remove the Green/Blue wire from the sender unit in the cylinder head. Connect one end of your test light to the terminal on this wire, the other end to ground. Switch on the ignition. The gauge should slowly climb to hot and the test light should glow. If the gauge does register, the sender unit is bad. If the gauge does not read, check for loose wires. If none are found the gauge needs replacing.