Club Permit Update – VIC Roads Offices – (7th April, 2020)
Several members have raised concerns about VIC Roads offices not doing over the counter transactions. We have contacted VIC Roads today and they have confirmed that they are still operating an over-the counter service. Whilst it is encouraged that you do as much by post as possible, you can still visit the office to renew CP permits and apply for new CP Permits.
Note:    Approved CP Renewals can be sent to VIC Roads by mail with a cheque for payment.

Use of CP Vehicles at this time:
The current Emergency Regulations restrict all vehicle movements to:
Going to work or school  if essential,
Shopping for essentials,
Visits to medical services.

Any vehicle and occupants detected by the police, not involved in one of the above can be stopped and fined.  A CP vehicle is very obvious to police, so unless you can prove you are doing one of the above, we advise you not to use the CP vehicle, even for these purposes.

It is our belief that CP vehicles are probably part of the police crackdown on caravans, motor homes and recreational four wheel drives. CP vehicles are being seen as recreational vehicles.
So our advice is unless absolutely necessary for the reasons outlined above leave your CP vehicle at home.

Given the rapidly changing environment we are now in, and how the CP Application  / Renewal processes affect many of our members, we will  watch for any changes provide updates on this club website.

URGENT – Re: Club Permit Renewals.

As the restrictions grow for COVID-19, there has been some confusing messages from Vic Roads.  The latest information is that they remain open to handle Club Permit payments, BUT you should follow the procedure below:-

  • The process for Club Permit Renewals is now:
    When you receive your renewal, post it to the Club’s post box along with your completed Vehicle Condition Declaration and a return envelope  to “Club Permit, PO Box 296, Geelong, VIC 3220”. Please do not decide to visit Lawrie to get your renewal signed – It must be sent by the post.
  • Your Club Permit will be signed and retuned by post.
  • The authorised Club Permit renewal should then either be posted to VIC Roads, along with a cheque for payment to: VicRoads, GPO Box 1644, MELBOURNE, VIC  3001 or you can visit their offices.

VIC Roads generally sends out renewal notices 6 to 8 weeks prior to their renewal date, so there is plenty of time to complete this process, but to avoid the stress of having your Club Permit expire, please start this process as soon as you receive your renewal.


Lawrie Ulph
Club Permit Office

Club Permit Application Documents