May Square Rigger Gathering

The weather was perfect for the May Square Rigger get together. We gathered at the Flying Brick Cider Co for a coffee and natter. Your scribe didn’t do a head count but I reckon we had around 28-30 people attended. As usual the T-Types vehicles were outnumbered, but we had David Selway-Hoskins and Geoff Ross along in their TCs. Rob Woodford’s TD is receiving some mechanical massaging so was absent.

But we had two ‘new’ TFs joining us to make four TFs in the line up! Mike and Carol brought their previously unseen TF1250 along. A lovely patina on this car. Welcome to you guys. Not to be outdone, David Lowe turned up in a nice, black TF1500, because he could! Hope we get to see more of these MGs (and their carers).

Loz in his Varitone Magnette brought the square rigger vehicles to seven. MGBs and moderns filled the rest of the lineup. Oh, and Peter York had his RV8 (because he could)!

From the next gathering of the square riggers, David Brook and myself, (assisted by Peter and Doug), will be the first contacts for arranging the Thursday gatherings and planning runs. Please feel free to offer up your preferences and ideas. David and I both drive the older cars and are sympathetic to their ‘limitations’.