MGCC GEELONG Restoration Project

2023 has been welcomed in at the shed, with the team attacking the many tasks planned for the year. The Team has a plan for the Friday Sessions extended with an opportunities for members to hone resto skills and get our project over the line .

As a spinoff all members lead by a couple of the skilled members are now offering some tuition on metal fabrication, not “an apprenticeship” but tricks of the trade and basic techniques to be able to make a required gusset or small structural element on our cars. Max Simpson and David Steel are willing to show members how to patch , roll and fold small body component to replace those unsightly and structurally deficient areas that we will probably find on most cars we own or confront when buying or maintain the 50-70’s models.

One real invitation is a short “how to” tutorial to operate our new MIG welder. Come along and “learn or practice” new or “reborn” techniques, we have practice metal scrap material for such a personal skill try out. Don’t be backward.

Stop Press: The Resto team has a supplementary project to assist one of our members,Terry Mallock who is unwell and realises he cannot complete a couple of tasks on his cars because of his physical condition. The Team has moved his MGC so that a couple of members can address a re-wiring task that Terry started and cannot complete. Terry has been generous in donating tools and many spares for the Resto group recently. This little mission has excited the team as they can assist a loyal member who joined the club in 1992 and has been a keen Competition Participant during his 21 years in the club.

We recently have added some needed tools to the shed; safer battery operated tools to use on the project and for general use in the workshop. Also a Air-Jack capable of safely lifting a suspension to remove wheels and other running gear on the clubs 4 poster hoist is now available , this will be used on the project and again for member use.

Drop by and see us in action Fridays 9.30 onwards….

Resto Team