Hello All, Trust you all survived the last run and more importantly the Duniam Hospitality. Well looks like everyone had a good day. Craig Ballinger once again managed to improve his times despite some fuel filter issues. Mitch McAllister despite lacking grip and power managed to put a good time together by the end of the day. Brendan managed to go slower on each run. Graham Deahl was dirty on his time on the third run which i thought was a good time but i noted he achieved his desired 1.48 on the 4th run. Chris Baraciolli achieved a great 1.48 on his first run to knock me off. Doug Edwards had brakes working on the Hillman which i observed from close range on the 3rd run where we had a great battle for the whole run.   Peter Thomson had the B fired up well but just needs to go an extra bit under brakes everywhere to peg us back.

Steve Duniam was standing back observing his engine bay at lunch time and noting that no fluids were flowing anywhere. Of course one does not bend down and look underneath a Jag motor or else he would of observed a substantial amount of oil on the concrete. However coming from a 4 gallon sump a couple of pints is nothing, what? I did take the time to watch Steve on his 3rd run and noted that he appeared to apply a little lateral pressure to his tyres, maybe even .1 or .2 G. Do you think this is wise as those Jag tyres may not be designed for lateral movement when they were manufactured in 1960. Even more disturbing was the effect of lateral G on the motor, was this even a design parameter on a Jag. I say these things in hindsight as we observed the performance of the brakes and clutch at Broadford which looked very tidy but apparently were not designed to take high pressure or maybe even brake fluid. Geoff Duniam on his first run with his new MGB of course ran faultlessly all day. Nick Wood ran fast as usual but developed an oil leak from the rocker cover which wasn’t able to be rectified.Coming events are the Motorkhana at Breakwater on 10th September. Sup Regs are done and patterns will appear soon. Coming soon is Bryant Park Hillclimb on 24th Sep, entry through MA on the MGCC Vic Calendar.regards, Graeme