Today in History

From James ‘Killa’ Killingsworth (one of our overseas roving reporters)
Fifty-one years ago, on this day (6 November 1972), the BMC Leyland Australia
factory, located at Victoria Park in Sydney, produced its last Australian made MGB in
Australia. The company had been assembling Mini Morris 1100’s and Austin 1800’s
from imported English parts. The factory later became the Zetland Naval Stores
The Victoria Park (Zetland Waterloo) factory occupied 74 acres with the ability to
manufacture complete vehicles. It comprised four main factories: CKD (later CAB-2),
the Unit Plant, CAB, and the Press Shop. Vehicles were also assembled in CAB-3 when
the Parts and Accessories Division relocated to Liverpool. Nuffield tractors were also
assembled in the Company Garage on the site.
Between 1950 and 1975, 50,000 people collectively spent 130,000 years building
motor cars at Victoria Park. Most employees, typically 5,000 at any time were
migrants and the organisation was faced with the 35 languages that they spoke.
From James Killa (one of our overseas roving reporters)

Photo courtesy of MG History