The square rigger mob were out and about recently and in for a real treat to a gastronomic Italian lunch.


Basking in bright sunlight on 13 April on the Bellarine  following days of overcast Easter gloom and rain, 22 members and friends in 17 cars, mainly TC’s, TF’s, MGA’s and  Magnettes, lined up for coffees and a natter at the picturesque Van Loons nursery in Wallington.

(Just for information, Van Loons might have colourful flowers, green plants and tall trees that don’t fit in our small cars, but their cafe bakes the biggest scones in Australia- like pies without meat).


And surprise, surprise an un-announced sleek black two-seater MG slid into the car lineup with its supercharger whining attracting many admirers. Melbourne based classic collector, Georg Leitl – who also has a property in nearby Curlewis, arrived in his immaculate 1934 MG K1.


For members not familiar, the K1 (2 or 4 seater) magnette has an in-line 6 cylinder overhead camshaft supercharged 1272 cc engine with a pre-selector gearbox. Only 181 units were built. Georg had his car re-built at Historic and Vintage, Melbourne from a bucket of parts.


While we had the usual suspects attending, several new faces were welcomed by  Square Rigger

CEO Peter Yorke – Kim Tolehurst, Jenny Killingsworth in her lovely AH Sprite, Paul and Linda Jobson, Georg Leitl and Tim Green in his MGA – back after 30 years.


Then it was off in the cars to Curlewis and the six acre farm of George and Loretta D’Onofrio where George was working hard over two gas fired paella pans.


George has an MGA, a Magnette with an MGB motor and 5 speed gearbox and is re-building what will be a superb TC purchased from Queensland. Already the chassis and the body is completed and painted in a nice blue. He has a fully equipped workshop with a car lift.

The farm has a vineyard, big vege garden with everything you can think of – lots of pumpkins, and free range chook yard.


What a healthy  three-course George and Loretta home cooked luncheon ! For starters Gaspatcho soup made from raw, blended vegetables, and the two paellas following a recipe from the renowned Richmond Hill cafe.

Well worth a try at home with the following ingredients: Calasparra rice, chicken, choritzo, tiger prawns,black lip mussels, onions, parsley, peppers, rosemary and safron.

Finished up with a three cakes desert, tea and coffee.


(Not often you get a recipe from a G-Torque car run report).


“Molto bene”- many thanks from all the diners to George and Loretta.


David Gray.