Last Friday  a small team attended and lead by David  Langley discussed safety , and need to record attendance and incidents.

A number of apologies were received because of other commitments and Revival preparation.

Sessions will be started with a schedule and teaming for the day. Clean up and tool tidiness was agreed.

Peter Guthrie worked on the differential

Max Simpson and David Steele on the body

David Lowe Stuart Boyd the engine which they did have turning over ready for a bench test in the coming weeks.  

David Lowe has agreed to be Medical/Safety Officer  for our sessions

Rearrangement of the work space has been actioned.


David L ,Myself and Graeme Ruby have met and discussed essential tools  and the budget for the shed tools and parts  for the project ready for the next EC meeting. This is mature now and ready for interim approval. We have an Air Compressor and Bench Drill courtesy of kind donations


Watch for  next day time session time reminder ,  we are now up and running and there is room for more hands and feet.

Why don’t you just drop in and join the teams for a coffee and chat.


Now let’s plan on conducting an evening session  6.00 – 8.00 pm ON 24 thMarch  depending on the numbers interested etc. 

So if you can or want to attend  an evening send me a return email  to assess  viability etc  to discuss with Shed Manager  .

My email is or call 0417787253