Greetings All,

Sunday saw the MSCA round 7 sprints held at Phillip Island. There was a healthy contingent of the usual suspects there eager to roar around the track as fast as possible. The weather made that more difficult than usual, with many competitors struggling to get a clean run. Some found themselves with far too close a vantage point to watch everyone else finish their run (Nick and Shane). Thankfully their cars were unscathed, the only damage done was to the drivers pride. The day went smoothly all things considered, but the red flag got quite a work out with a steady flow of recoveries being required. Shane got a great time, 2.07.69 taking the outright fastest time amongst the Geelong club. Peter Valentine was the fastest 4 cylinder MG at 2.15.21 followed closely by Graham Deahl (2.15.50) and Graeme Ruby (2.16.01). Brendan pulled a 2.19.61 in the A, while Nick after a long hiatus achieved a respectable 2.23.80, good to see you back! Don Woods came in with a 2.37.59 in someone else’s car! Having developed engine related issues en-route Saturday. Fingers crossed Don will have the B sorted in short order. Chris Freeman wasn’t feeling it, so after a little testing of the waters 2.41.10 declared that it wasn’t the day to try his luck, a wise choice.

There are only a few competition events left in the calendar now. For those not necessarily interested in competing in the coming events themselves, it’s still a great day out, and opportunity¬† to have a look and see some cars doing exactly what they’re made for.

Attached below is a video put together from the event. I didn’t get as much footage as I wanted due to the weather making it rather too wet for videoing at times, so if your car isn’t there that’s why.

Photo’s from Rob Clark: