Sunday saw the first competition event for the year. The weather was near perfect, with many of our heroes doing some of their best times. No prizes for guessing who the fastest was, however there was quite some competition in the middle of the pack with one place being decided by 0.02 of a second! Your humble web editor was fortunate enough to have a drive in not one, but two MG’s, officially giving Nick’s MGA a bit of a shake down (thanks Nick) but also Graeme very kindly offered me a drive in the mighty Aqua B, and mighty it was. Brendan, during the course of the weekend mentioned that sometimes things that happen at the track, stay at the track, and that may well need to be the case with the 4th run, it was perhaps a little more adrenaline fueled than it should have been! Apologies Brendan.
Fortunately everyone had a great day, and there were no casualties only a few minor issues both resolved by putting more fuel in the tank.

The folks at the MSCA really know how to run a track day, and I hope they feel very much appreciated. Thanks to Rob for taking some fantastic photo’s too, I’ve put together a collection of the Geelong cars below.