We are ready for 2023
Last Friday we had a project review session as well as project work
We looked at our progress in 2021 and crystal balled  the project for 2023
It was assessed that better than expected progress had been achieved on the project in 2022 and 2023 should see an increase in productivity as the components/Assemblies  will come together as the sub tasks  as completed.
So we all go !
It has been decided that the resto team will be meeting EVERY Friday in 2023 (instead of fortnightly) and the sessions will be longer in duration but will be extended to an agreed time to suit those participating on the day. This will increase productivity.
We will start at 9.30 am finish at an agreed time  on the day
Our shed rules dictate we have a minimum of 2 members in attendance and this will be the condition of work period at each session
So we start the new session regime on FRIDAY  13th  January at 9.30 am
Remember !
This is not an exclusive group and any Member can inspect, supervise, have hands on or just be an assistant. There is an opportunity for any member to be involved as personal time and other interests allow.
Spent a second, a minute or hours with the group and see how our cars are constructed and how they can be maintained tips and traps , hearsay and most importantly the quirks of the marquee.
Please join us
Hoist available is available for inspection and trouble shooting . Advanced Notice appreciated to the Shed managers Graeme Ruby or Ross Hutton
See you Friday