8.30am : Assemble at the MGCC GEELONG clubhouse 
9.00am : Depart the clubhouse for a 20 minute drive around the waterfront to BMC Performance 54 Sun St Moolap. 9.20am : Arrive at BMC Performance Host is Ben Connelly. Inspect Bens magnificent workshop and MG storage facilities: 9.55am : Depart MG Performance . 
10.30am : Arrive at Units 2&3, 23-25 Denbigh St Moolap. Meander through the Ryan & Geoff Thompson’s and John & Ray Abikhair’s MG collections. In particular this an opportunity to Enhance MGCC GEELONG members knowledge of Pre-war MG’s which will be on display at both garages. 
10.30am : Shaun owner of “Alfresco coffee truck” will provide free of charge coffee . A self serve Toast facility Will be provided to round off a pleasant MG Sunday morning’s social outing. 
12.15pm : Last coffee
Note:  “Ray is very keen for this event to be informal and friendly with members guests most welcome to attend. If you would like to bring a guest along to the Super Sunday Shed Tour,  please ensure your guest is registered via Google Forms or either of the other options advertised.”
Register to attend HERE