MGB GT  Restoration Project Progress Report .


After a number of sessions of preparation, the Body plus components have been to the sand/ soda blasters  and returned  to the shed for the next phase.

The body  is now cleaned to parent metal and Phosphate treated and sealed with an epoxy undercoat.

Panels are now to be replaced and  fitted  are in hand and ready to go. 

Running Gear is being refurbished  for paint and fitting, The new OD transmission and refurbished differential have been checked and ready to be matched to the body .

Thanks  goes to the Resto Crew who meet regularly as a keen team to assist in the restoration of  this vehicle to  a fine  example of the marque.

All  Members are most welcome  to drop in or get involved  Contact Don Collins or Graeme Ruby for details of sessions These session date/times are also listed in GTorque.