Well done to Peter Thomson for finally threatening the reign of King Ruby.
Well done also to  Craig Ballinger for a great first up effort in his Midget (Dan Hall might have some work to do).
The MGA’s we’re line ball at the end.
Pete Castelow – you were robbed

It’s game on at Rob Roy!

Graeme Ruby        MGB        16.8
Peter Thomson     MGB        16.8
Nick Wood             MGA        17.1
Brendan Sullivan   MGA        17.1
Craig  Ballinger      Midget    18.1
Chris Freeman       MGBGT   18.3

Non Marque

Peter Castelow     TVR           16.9
Ross Hutton          Clubman   17.8

In the group photo, the people are (left to right) Chris Freeman, Brendan Sullivan, Graeme Ruby, Peter Castello, Peter Thomson, Steve Duniam.