Eddington was a great day out as usual, with a strong contingent from the club present. A few cars weren’t running quite as they should, one choosing to become a 4 speed instead of a 5 speed, and another having ignition issues. Everyone did get a couple of runs in, and the cars weren’t any worse for wear after the event. Click on the picture above to find a video of the day.

Official results as follows:

Graeme Ruby                    MGB                      16.7

Peter Thomson                 MGB                      17.0

Brendan Sullivan              MGA                     17.2

Nick Wood                         MGA                      17.6

Chris Freeman                  MGBGT                 18.0

Graham Deahl                  MGB                      18.4

Shane Gezun                     MGB V8                DNF

Non Marque

Peter Castelow                 TVR                        16.8

Ross Hutton                     Clubman                17.9