Hello everyone,
Well we all survived the Hill, and to a certain amount the bullshit. The award goes to Chris Freeman who always was finding ways to pick up a half second and repeatedly reminding Brendan. He backed it up to lead Brendan until the third run, Meantime Craig was also nibbling away at both of them to finish close to them both.. The Saturday evening meal at the local Churchill Hotel was good after our walk or excursion shortcut including a river crossing. Chris had managed to fill us full of useless information regards Sundays event and much information was discussed regards next years events. I’m not sure i left any better informed.
Well the entry list is in for Tarrengower and a full field including many from Geelong.
In the meantime Bathurst is on the 7th October. I always spend the day in my shed and everyone is invited for breakfast and to watch as long as you want.
Shed will be open from 8.00am and breakfast from 9.00. If you are able to come please let me know so i get enough bacon and eggs and coffee.