G Torque Competition Report September 2023 – Graeme Ruby
Photo’s by Rob Clark

Since my last report we have had the Aroca (Alfa Romeo Owners Club) Sprints at the State Motorcycle centre at Broadford. We had 9 competitors including our guest Doug Edwards in his very swift Hillman Hunter with XU1 holden spec motor. Being on site at 7.00am it was cold with Nick Wood thawing out after the drive from Geelong with roof down. Very well organized the Alfa boys had a familiarity session for first timers followed by a 12 minute warm up session for all competitors. Noting the amount of tyre smoke and sideways action I believe our MG/MX5 group were trying a bit harder than the 80% specified. Interestingly I found the MX5’s were not any faster except for one highly modified car.

Our first of three timed runs was very competitive with our group lining up in order of our qualifying times behind the Mazdas. Graham Deahl wanted to get me so was on my tail from the start forcing a couple errors from me but then he had a slide allowing me to get away. Nick Wood then had a good challenge with Graham, Peter Thomson and Brendan Sullivan right behind. Craig Ballinger on his first Sprint event started slowly but got quicker every lap.

Steve Duniam we later learned failed to start which was found to be a loose wire on the ignition. Doug Edwards was flying getting a very good 1.12 which considering the difficulties he was having with brakes was a great time. After this run he had abetter look and found his rear brake lining on RHR had disintegrated. Doug changed the lining between runs but continued to have rear brake issues. Chris Freeman was running trouble free but cautiously.

On the second run Steve Duniam had the MGA with 4.2 litre Jag power motoring very well down the straights but being very conservative around the corners as he sorted the car out. After the run he reported he had no clutch. Graham Deahl had a look and discovered he had no way to adjust free-play as a fixed system had been fitted. The car was half loaded on trailer and Graham and Steve fitted a new adjustable bolt. Steve was very enthused about this and offered to give Graham a big ….

Craig Ballinger ran about 5 seconds quicker and was now right behind Steve and Chris.

Myself and Nick Wood departed after the 2nd run, Nick to beat the coming rain and myself because I was getting untidy and didn’t think I could go faster. Looking at times Craig was the only one to go faster.

Times: Graeme Ruby 1.12.44, Doug Edwards 1.12.88, Graham Deahl 1.14.01 Nick Wood 1.14.81, Peter Thomson 1.15.41, Brendan Sullivan 1.16.84 Craig Ballinger 1.21.90 Chris Freeman 1.21.88 Steve Duniam 1.24.09

An interesting fact looking at the times was the differential between our slow little cars compared to the big boys which on the day were some late model Mercedes AMG and BMW race cars which did a best of 1.04 and 1.06 respectively, The fastest MX5, supercharged and modified did a 1.07 with a couple around 1.11 and the others slower than us, not that slow at all.


Coming events are the Winton Sprints on 26th August run by the Jag Club. On 10th September we have a Motorkhana at the Clubrooms. This is a Come and Try event so anyone is invited to come along and have a try or just a ride with one of the guys. This is also an invite for anyone interested, member or not to come and join us. If you have a friend, son, grandson or daughter and they are interested bring them along and they will be invited to have a try. Start time is a very civilized 9.00am. On the 24th September we have the Bryant Park Hillclimb.