What a great night for Barefoot Bowls. The weather gods worked their magic thankfully, and we had light winds and sun. Everyone had a great night with lots of laughs and giggles. Many bowls on the wrong bias, short and in the gutter but no one was upset.  The night started with enough competitors to run 3 rinks. 24 willing and enthusiastic participants were split into teams of 4. Most couples were able to stay together, and we made the teams as even as we could.

The competition boys had two teams that were pitted against each other, and without doubt the most sledging was coming from their rink. It would seem that one stacked team of previous bowlers had the other team heckling and berating to put them off. Final scores would go on to prove that these tactics were unsuccessful.

Beers and wine either helped or hindered some players’ performance, but there was no one there to test for performance enhancing, so there were no penalties.

The night finished with a few more drinks and we used the club’s BBQ to cook dinner. I must say that the Belmont Bowls Club looked after us very well. For those who couldn’t attend we will definitely run this event again, probably during Spring later this year.

Let the social crew know if there are any ideas to run similar events during the year, group night outs are great fun and help bring the club together. A big thankyou to the Belmont team of volunteers. Steve who explained the rules and Jenny for organising the night for us. I think there were a few who enjoyed it so much they may play in the next season of Belmont barefoot bowls.