To celebrate the 70th year of the Series ZA/ZB Magnette a quality limited edition grill badge and cap badge has been released. All sold to pre order.

Grill badge measures 77mm horizontally. Cast with a sophisticated yellow background, centre image in green, ‘Z’ in stylised black, and alpha numerics in chrome colour.

Cap badge measures 30mm horizontally. Except for its size, it is identical to the grill badge.


Magnette was released in 1953 as the Series ZA. ZA has the distinctive chrome hockey stick. Charlie Morgan stands next to his beautify prepared ZA Magnette.


Gerald Palmer was employed to design the new saloons for MG and Riley ranges, and two saloons for the Wolseley ranges [ one a 4-seater and one a six-seater].
Gerald Palmer quickly realised that two bodies would have to meet the design requirement as production volumes could not justify four individual bodies [Commonization is the aim].
MG Magnette Series ZA and Wolseley 4/44 were the smaller bodied saloons.
With the pending merger of Austin and Morris [1951] management had stipulated only Austin engines and transmission would be employed. Resulting in the MG being delayed to be released in 1953 with the more powerful 1500cc engine. Becoming the mildly updated Series ZB in 1956