Natmeet 2023 Adelaide Report


Natmeet 2023 Adelaide Report (Loz Scott)


Natmeet 2023 The Bend, on board with Steven Jones in the Midget

Natmeet 2023 Rocker Cover Racing

Natmeet Presentation


National Meet Adelaide 2023 – By Loz Scott

Concours -A group of us Magette owners believe it’s important to have enough cars at the Nat Meet to be noticed. Our plan was to congregate early at our motel. Hence it was impossible to join the MGCC Geelong contingent. Attending was 5 ZA/ZB and 2 Farina Magnettes. At the head of our line-up is Anthony Pearson’s concours winning ZB Magnette.

A Rare Arnolt MG TD. Stanley H Arnolt was an MG car dealer based in Chicago. While attending the 1952 car show at Turin [Italy] he spied two Bertone designed and built specials. Two types were displayed – A two door coup and a

Arnolt liked the MGs and ordered a quantity of each. Shipping the two prototypes back to the USA to generate sales.
Based on a MG TD chassis and instrument panel the MG company were unable to supply enough chassis to fill all Arnolts orders. Hence these are rare cars and highly sort after. My interest in this car is the Italian styling as Gerald Palmer the designer of the MG Series ZA/ZB Magnette was heavily influenced by [Italian] their modern designs. See my book – Heritage MG Series ZA/ZB Magnette for more information about this specific car. 

Speed Events

Graeme Ruby trailered his 1973 MGBGTV8 to Adelaide. Graeme is here, between runs, with his car. Graeme also took out the concours prize for his class. To have a car that competes so strongly in Speed and Motorkhana events is the hallmark of the true sports enthusiast.

Racetrack has three main viewing concourses that give an excellent view of what is happening. I was told the track can be configured into eight different tracks.

Hurtling along [above] is Anthony Pearson in his concours winning Magnette. This seems a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Enjoyed the Adelaide Nat meet and renewing associations with fellow enthusiasts.

By Loz Scott  Magnette enthusiast