Another few milestones from last Friday

·       We received the welder including a very comprehensive setup  and technique and use session , Jeff arranged by Dave L was excellent if you looking for a welder or tuition he is avail .

The body group were all smiles after they had a weld each , this will be a very valuable tool for the project and other club work . The Shed manager will be assessing members and authorising those members to use the machine.  This is our overall policy with specialist equipment.


·       The other achievement was the engine team mounted the engine on the  test rig , kindly loaned by Chris Baraciolli for our testing stage thanks Chris B and Graeme Ruby.

With 2 working and a few supervisors  the installation  fell into place and there was long faces  when the  first short crank occurred  , there was long glances , but alas only a loose contact,  Ross Hutton elbowed  in and fixed this issue , Oil OK, water checked , all standing clear. Where’s the fuel? Can we afford it… Donated by !!!!

Ready set GO…..


·       BINGO on a second attempt  the engine burst into life after a tickle or two of the throttle and choke …

A cheer went up and  all looks good, as someone said  “bloody 62 PSI oil pressure is better than mine”

We are confident all is well with the heart of our baby.

Next task will be  to remove and  inspect the gearbox.

·       The body boys  after some  ogling at the welder removed a panel to inspect the inner hidden  structure. The body was declared ready for  sand blasting . This will be arranged ASAP.

Thanks to Charlie  we have a new LH door frame  but we still need to find a RH door , Please  pass the word . We will be preparing for the return of  the blasted body and remove  the floors and other unserviceable panels.


·       Mobile Tool benches

David Lowe and his helpers RH and DB installed the casters on the  mobile benches,  these are now ready for a clean and paint.


Our Tasks are on the white board , have a look when you are next in the club corner.


Because of Easter  the next session will be conducted on April 22nd at 0930. Letting me know who will be attending helps.

Thanks all again another productive session


Remember don’t miss the other technical sessions being run  by Graeme……




Don  and David L