Hello MGCC Members and Welcome to the New Committees!!!


I thank members who are continuing on committees and those who are joining a committee for the first time in 2024-2025. Your support is appreciated highly. Thank you!


I also thank members who are not continuing for their contribution on the preceding Executive Committee, including Nick Wood (Technical), David Brook (Assets) who is continuing to support the club as a non-executive committee member, and David Langley (Past President).



The Executive Committee

Continuing on the Executive Committee are Roger Phipps (Secretary), Richard Trigg (Treasurer), Lawrie Ulph (Club Permit Officer), Graeme Ruby (Competition Director), David B. Smith (Social Coordinator), Registrar (Barry Simons), Nick McClaren (G-Torque Editor), and Barbara Penning (Welfare).


New Executive Committee members, or those in different roles for 2024-25, include Chris Baraciolli (Technical), Dan Hall and Helen Trigg (Committee), and Nick McClaren (President). Thank you also for your support. It is welcomed!



The Non-Executive Committee

I also thank continuing and new Non-Executive Committee members for their support in 2024, including Lawrie Ulph (AOMC Delegate), Kevin Bardsley (Club Permits), Duncan Macrae (Historian), David Selway-Hoskins (Librarian), Charlie Morgan (Preservation Award), Margaret Rae (Raffle Coordinator), Anna Selway-Hoskins (Regalia), Max Simpson (Restoration Project), Ross Hutton (Shed Manager), David Brook (Special Projects), Peter Cribb (Tour Director), and Chris Barraciolli (Web Editor).



A list of members is provided in the attached document (email version) or can be accessed using the following link (online version).





Again, thank you and welcome to all the committee members!


Kind regards,



Nicholas McClaren

President MG Car Club Geelong

Mobile 0404 362 390