Fish and Chip Run Twilight Run Reheated

The rules have changed again allowing this run to proceed on

 Thursday, March the 4th .

Sadly rescheduling means you have to rebook.

Indicate your intention to participate in this rescheduled event by emailing Gordon at or phoning 53301810 or 0413493438 or in person at the March AGM.

Meet at the Geelong Eastern Gardens rotunda at 4:30 for a 5pm departure.

Participants can pay at the meeting point. Cost is $17 for a pre-ordered “double pack” – consisting of two butterfish, chips and potato cake or $12 for a single pack. Or you can make your individual order on arrival at Queenscliff.  Bring your own chair.

If possible please bring correct money in an envelope.

A route map will be emailed to participants on the Wednesday.

Hoping for fine weather.

Gordon Reynolds, on behalf of the social group.